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Arashi is my drug, Nino is my illness, don't need remedy coz' I'm fine !

♥ Yamapi Fan, Arashi Addict, Ninoholic ! Shun & Tatsuya Lover ♥

I'm on LJ essentially to read the entries of people who are interested by the same things than me.. But ! I'll post barely here because I have not much time :) So I want to thanks those people who are making such a good work here and share it with us. I mean all uploads that they are working on like translating, sub-titling etc ! It's really nice from you ! And even if I'm not here often, I'll be happy to be in contact with any person who have the same interests as me. Because it's always fun to discover that somewhere there is somebody who share your passion for this or that! So don't hesitate to send me an invite or to post a comment in my LJ, I'd really appreciate! See ya ! Peace <3